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Client:  ”The site is looking great!  However, I’m a bit confused.  I thought you said the design was done.”
Me:  ”Yes sir, the ‘visual’ design is complete.  Was there something bothering you about it?”

Client:  ”Oh no!  The design is great, everyone loves it!  However, it doesn’t seem to be finished.  There are a bunch of pages that look wrong.”

Me:  ”How so?  Could you show me?”

[The client proceeds to click through his site and eventually comes to an external link that takes the user to Amazon.com]

Client:  ”This page looks nothing like our site.”

Me:  ”[somewhat confused]  That’s because it’s not your site.”

Client:  ”But we just got here from our site.  Can’t you make it look like ours?”

Me:  ”I’m afraid not.  That would be like walking over to your neighbor’s home and re-landscaping their yard and painting their house to match your own.”

Client:  ”Oh…well that sucks.”

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